The Must-Have Features of Point of Sale Terminal

From managing inventory to payment processing there are a few must-have features of Point of Sale terminal! Read this article and discover the most important features!

Your Point of Sale terminal or POS terminal plays a crucial part in managing and running your business. From managing inventory to payment processing, it is really important to have a Point of Sale system that can meet your specific needs and requirements. Although some needs are universal, there are some that may require specific features from your POS terminal. In this article, we will present the must-have features of POS Terminal:


  • Inventory management – The ability to control and manage your inventory is one of the most important features of the retail Point of Sale system. If you want to boost your profit and meet customer expectations, you need to know when to order more specific items so they are always available.
  • On-the-go payment processing – The Retail shop owners should take their business beyond the big walls of the store. It is important to extend your POS operations to a farmer’s market, pop-up shop, craft fair, and etc.
  • Coupons, discounts, and gift cards – The sales and promotions are an important part of the retail business. You need to quickly add discounts and adjust the prices so your staff can implement the pricing changes. Also, the ability to accept gift card or to sell gift cards is also important for promoting your retail business.
  • More payment options – Remember – the more ways buyers can choose from, the better for your business.


  • Improve table service – In the restaurant business, the speed matters a lot. The customers can become really anxious and irritable when they wait too long. The restaurant owners would choose a Point of Sale terminal system that helps servers move faster. You need to choose a system that will enable servers to take direct payments at the table. Also, another great advantage is the opportunity to add other terminals to the restaurant. This will increase the speed of service by allowing the servers to send orders to the kitchen quickly.
  • Behind-the-door tasks – The right POS terminal can help restaurant owners control the back-of-house tasks that boost efficiencies on the flow. The best restaurant POS terminal systems will allow employees to make quick menu adjustments, schedule, and much more.
  • Order adjustments – All customers have their dietary restrictions and their own specific preferences. The servers need to have an ability to remove the ingredients from the table and make other orders as necessary. Adjusting orders have proven to improve the service and decrease the chance of making an error. The flexibility to remove or add ingredients will keep the changes as simple as possible and all of your customers happy and satisfied.
  • Billing options – You need to offer your customers a way to split checks, in case one person wants to pay for the entire meal. Today, lots of customers don’t carry cash which is why you need to make the process easier for them to pay the check. You surely don’t want your customers to be dissatisfied with the service you offer, right? Offer them different billing options and simplify the whole payment process.

When choosing and implementing a POS terminal or a Point of Sale terminal for the first time, it is really important to find a system that will support your unique way of conducting business and fit your specific business niche. Keep these important features in mind and you will make the right choice when choosing the Point of Sale software system. By choosing the right system, you will increase productivity and boost profit in the years to come.

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