Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Improving Omnichannel Marketing For The Benefit of Customers

The omnichannel experience is about a customer’s entire journey, from noticing your business, contacting you, to the next time they interact with you. How your clients get in touch, which platforms they use, the tools they engage, how they switch between all their choices, and if the transitions are seamless and hassle-free.

What every customer wishes to have is a smooth interaction, the best service possible, and answers to their queries. What businesses should strive to supply is wholesome support, so that they can maximize their profits. AI is building omnichannel marketing up to meet both client and business needs.

Read on to see how AI is helping customers experience better service.

Do Omnichannel Answers Need AI?

Customers use various avenues to interact with businesses these days, and still, expect to get the same service delivery irrespective of which platforms they choose. From emails, texting, messaging, using apps, voice calls, even visiting your brick and mortar stores in person; these are methods that your clients can access to connect with you. It is quite logical that omnichannel solutions would use whatever will enhance their performance.

AI is revolutionizing how we live. We use it for our security, especially with the advent of smart technology. We can secure our loved ones and our assets. AI is prominent in our production processes. You could probably mention so many other ways that you encounter AI.

Since AI is so thoroughly ingrained in our lives, you would be right to think that it will benefit your interactions with the business world. Marketing is all about getting customers to express their needs so that you figure out how to meet them. Omnichannel reactions are extremely people-friendly responses because companies take their lead from their clients in all their interactions.

For instance, a shopper may make contact with you over your website, and maybe send you an email query. Then they have to get on the road to go somewhere; they may want to continue getting product info off you and call your company. It would be a total drag if they were unable to continue their conversation with the initial salesperson.


1. Seamless Customer Interaction, And Large Service Delivery

The best way to explain how customers come out ahead is by giving examples. The Disney experience is an excellent place to start. Guests can browse Disney’s website, book their trip online and plan their daily itinerary. The site displays all the park’s information and attractions, so visitors choose anything that takes their fancy.

Disney has the Magic Band program, hardware item that you wear on your wrist, which connects to load the customers’ choices. You can upload your tickets, chosen rides, passes, money to spend on food and souvenirs, and you can get on with having the time of your life.

Customers do not have to worry about so many things as long as they have the wristband on. You need not worry if you forgot to carry your wallet, or if the tickets became mashed up in your trouser pockets when you did the laundry. You do not have to think about forming long queues if you have the fast passes.

Your party can get souvenirs and something to eat without dropping any money. The Disney website, apps, rides, refreshments and wrist hardware will do all the work for you. All that’s left for you is to have a wonderful time.

2. Efficient Service and Product Information

The Apple stores take great effort to plan their floor designs and layouts so that customers enjoy a smooth experience and great assistance when they visit. All their employees have iPads and iPhones so that they can check stocks and availability for you. They can also look up appointments and tackle any issue you raise on the spot. When you finish making your choice, they will act as a point of sale and free you to get on with your day.

Every time you interact with Apple, your information is stored in your customer account, and the sales associates have access to your history so that you do not have to go through the tedious task of explaining yourself over, and over with every visit. They will deliver your receipts to your email, all without them having to log into another computer. You may not be directly interacting with Apple’s digital channels, but the staff provides you with the professional service that makes you enjoy your shopping experience in their stores.

3. Utilizing Chatbots for Self Service Tasks, and Time-Saving

Your business can use chatbots to speed up a sales turnaround for simple tasks. Chatbots provide simple, quick connections so that clients can get crucial information, almost instantly. Tasks such as checking product availability or the status of their orders will be easy to give out. If the interaction begins, say, in a mobile app, the chatbots should follow the customer seamlessly to the website and continue the conversation effortlessly. 

Chatbots can engage users with personal conversations. Greeting clients politely and using their names makes the interaction a pleasant experience. A personalized discussion can make it easier to help solve an issue, and you will find that you will be willing to conduct business with this kind of assistance.

Final Thoughts

You are probably aware of the personal assistants that many people use, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and echo devices. They use AI to carry out tasks such as playing music, checking the weather, ordering food and other simple commands that you give them. However, you and your customers will have a higher level of service performance when you incorporate omnichannel promotions and AI in your business.

Since you are in the business to make a profit from your trading activities, and shoppers are in the market to satisfy their needs, it would be a win-win situation for you to invest in omnichannel answers. You will have buyers flocking to your stores because their experience will be worth another visit.