How to Channel New Customers to Your Business with Credit Card Readers

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What keeps most business owners awake at night is how to attract and retain new customers and scale their businesses. While there are many ways to achieve that, one of the most effective ways, often overlooked by business owners, is choosing the right credit card reader. Below is a comprehensive highlight of how the right credit card reader can help you harness new customers and scale your business:

Make use of captured analytics for your credit card readers to enhance your marketing campaigns

The makers of today’s credit card readers include cutting-edge technology in them that can harness customer information. As a business owner, you should take advantage of that customer information to boost your marketing. You can do that by setting up a customer database that includes their email addresses, demographic information, and phone numbers. You can pass this data to your marketing team, who can get insights on how to get new customers and grow your business. This customers data is valuable because it contains information on who the customer is, demographics, what they are buying and when.

The credit card reader should have mobile card payment capabilities

More than half of the people who shop online use mobile devices. This group of people also wants to be able to pay for items using their mobile devices. Enabling mobile payments through your credit card readers can help you gain new customers who can spend a lot of money.

Integrate loyalty programs into your credit card readers

If you haven’t created a loyalty program in your business yet, it’s time to do it. That’s because several studies have shown that U.S. businesses that have set up loyalty programs have witnessed faster return on investment. This is because these programs have a way of attracting new customers who are keen on saving on their purchases. Loyalty programs also result in more loyal customers because they feel appreciated by the business.

Choose credit card readers that allow EMV chip card payments

Implementation of EMV chip card began in 2015 and has grown tremendously. Therefore when looking for credit card readers to help you receive payments, prioritize those that accept EMV chip card payments. The reason why business people are increasingly implementing EMV technology is that it prevents certain types of fraud.


It’s always a smart decision to choose a credit card reader that can bring greater profitability to your business. These tips will help you select the best credit card readers that not only help you get new customers but also scale your business quickly.


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